Is your government white, grey or black? 

We think that it is neither white nor grey nor black. 

We do think that it is spotted.


The picture of  government / administration is composed out of  black spots which always wear a white jacket, and of grey spots and of really white spots. If you know that, you can look more closely and support positive processes in ‘ the company state’.


In total the administration always looks more white than it is. Because of the white coating of black dots! They need a cover. Without cover they would be expelled. The black spots know that and pay much attention to their coating.


How do you think about the relation between white, grey and black? Which colour dominates?  Of course, that differs greatly from country to country.


Normally there are much more white elements in the administation, but neverthess they don’t have much controle.  Because the power system is a hierarchy! In a hierarchy the top-officials make the important decisions. The under-cover black dots concentrate their attacks on the top-positions and conquer them. From there they start ruling, manipulating, cheating.


Can the majority of white dots push them out of power? Not so easily! Black dots never come alone. They use to infiltrate a power system in groups.  Has one of them, operating as sleeper, working propperly, conquered a top-position and begins to manipulate a bit, white dots near to him can see it. If they start to protest, they will experience disadvantages from unforeseen sides: from other black dots in white jackets. After a series of such experiences they become cautious. They get fear. They fall silent, making a fist only in the pocket while the network of black spots is going on to manipulate. The network of black spots in white jackets is ruling by fear.  For the public outside they look white, in their neighbourhood they have enemies, but fearful enemies. Besides, the black dots are working to transform fearfull white elements into grey elements by pressure, extortion or by corruption: offering them big advantages or money for secret support. So the power of the black network increases. The balance of power shifts a bit more to the black side.

But don’t forget: the black side of the power system has always enemies on the white side, silent fearful enemies, but enemies, knowing a lot.

In case of extraordinary events the power balance can shift suddenly to the white side.  The white elements and a part of the grey elements, loosing fear, will give dynamic to the shift.


Which kind of events could evoke a shift?

1.. Attack from outside on black dots, after big mistakes of the black, operating too open, cheating too visible. A really big scandal (not a small one, which a black network knows to heal easily by sacrificing a person and holding the invisible big network intact).

2.. New methodes to brush off the white cover from black dots, making their real colour visible not only for their neighbourhood, but also for the public.

3.. Methods to unravel the network, using the knowledge of a few known members of the black society to get to know all its members.


You have seen the skill of Armstrong, lying for longer than 7 years successfully.

Politicians of the black network (new name: Armstrong-Politicians) are lying with still greater skill, running from election-victory to election-victory based on lies, hiding their real intentions behind poker faces like Armstrong.

You have seen scientists, testing the voice of Armstrong while he answered questions, expert scientists, using apparats, showing curves, detecting lies.

Science has developed more methods and highly reliable apparats to test persons, discovering not only lies, but also contents of memory, f.i. names of “brothers and sisters”  in a black network.

Applying this can create a big shift, can make it possible to expell black networks out of the power system and hold it clean in the future.

The Memory-Content-Detection-Test (also called CIT, Concealed Information Test), created by David Lykken, is a weapon of society, black networks have to fear.  Seeing a black network as a pack of wolves, hunting for power and money, we can call the reliable CIT-Test  ‘Wolves-Test’, easily to remember.

The Wolves-Test can discover wolves in sheep’s clothing.


4..  Appliance of diagnostic methods to detect invisible diseases of the brain.

Many members of black networks suffer from a disease, which makes them continuously look for money by cheating others, while they could use their skills to earn money by true service. Their decision to choose for the first in place for the second is clearly pathological. This disease can be detected by using the method of Lykken (memory detection, they know that they are sick -this knowledge is deeply imprinted in their memory) and by other methods.


The ability of society to clean its power system from sick and cheating people is on the rise. Society can avoid the mountains of misery, created by black networks. We foresee using this social technololgy in the near future.

Support these possibilities to let us climb a bit higher on the ladder of social culture!
























Armstrong Politicians and the camels.

Listening camels. Armstrong Politicians love them.

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